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Melody Dixon the President and founder of Pro Event Planners is passionate about making it easy for people to connect with each other.  Her brand is recognized as being professional, supportive, welcoming and energetic in her approach to clients and their events.  

This daughter of the Caribbean was born on the beautiful island of Jamaica where she was inspired by the island’s penchant for tourism and hospitality.  She brought that inherent passion to serve to the United States of America where she earned an Associates of Science Degree in Hospitality Management and a Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Administration.  Over the past 26 years she has been trained by trusted brands such as Marriott, Sheraton and Hilton to name a few and has provided visionary leadership in her roles as Corporate Director of Sales and  Regional Director of Sales & Marketing .  This progression through the ranks has honed her business acumen resulting in a proven track record of results.  This is the value and strength that Pro Event Planners brings to the coordination of your corporate event.  

Melody is also very passionate about encouraging and uplifting women and little girls.  She has spearheaded fundraising efforts for the organization, “Because I am a girl” where she helped to protect little girls from being Child Brides and equip women with vocational skills so that they can have the opportunity to say, “YES”, to a life of their choosing.  

This passion for service and desire to make it easy for people to connect, for her, naturally led to Event Management and Pro Event Planners.  This vehicle of Pro Event Planners is more than just event planning, it is a tool for making it easy for people to connect to their employees, customers, congregation, prospective clients and themselves. Pro Event Planners knows that connection through events are a growth enabler for organizations.  As such the company focuses on the quality of attendee experience throughout the entire event.  This results in event attendees feel engaged, energized, and, ultimately, inspired to excel as a result of connecting with you and are eager to do more business with you. Consider us an extension of your team.

Does your company have events?

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The P. E. P. Squad

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We offer multi lingual staff that morphs into an extension of your team making it easy for your guests to be taken care of.

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Above and beyond creating well planned and executed Corporate Events and Social Events we jump in and help anywhere we are needed because we are committed to your success. In the picture above I jumped in to hand out prizes for the company.